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Tractor Industry Should Be Facilitated To Use Digital Tools To Benefit Small Farmers

Today, India is the largest manufacturer of tractors (excluding sub 20 horsepower (hp) belt-driven tractors used in China), followed by the US and China. Tractor production in India shot up from 139 thousand in 1991 to almost 900 thousand units in 2018-19. Mahindra & Mahindra (M&M) has emerged as the largest player with 40% of the market (FY 2019) followed by TAFE (with Eicher Motors) — 18.4%.

The future of the tractor industry will soon include combining tractor services for ploughing and sowing seeds to using sensors, cloud computing and artificial intelligence for precision farming. Dovetailing the digital revolution with farm machinery has already started in the US and Europe while India can surely do it at a lower cost. For more details on advanced Italian Agri mechanization solutions please write at

Evolution of Tractor Industry in India 1914-2020

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