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The Perpetual Charm of The Old Guard: Italy’s Oldest Naval Ship Embarks on a World Tour!

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

The Amerigo Vespucci is a tall-ship (a large traditionally rigged sailing vessel), used as a training ship by the Italian Navy. As the name suggests, the tall-ship is named after the Italian explorer of the same name.

Amerigo Vespucci training ship

Amerigo Vespucci (the vessel) entered service on 22nd February 1931. Vespucci (the explorer), was part of two expeditions during the Age of Discovery, a period when explorers embarked on naval voyages towards the Americas and the New World. To honor Vespucci’s contributions in discovering the New World, the German cartographer Martin Waldseemüller, derived the word “America” from the Latinized derivation of the name Amerigo.

Amerigo Vespucci the explorer

The Amerigo Vespucci (the ship) is the oldest vessel of the Italian Navy at 92 years old and is considered one of the most beautiful ships of its kind. On July 1st, it embarked on a World Tour, a voyage reflective of the man it was named after. This World Tour seeks to combine the traditional training activities of officer cadets as well as promote the “Made in Italy” mission to the countries that the tall-ship will visit in her campaign. The celebratory departure of the Amerigo Vespucci from Genoa port was attended by the Italian Minister of Defence Guido Crosetto, Chief of Italian Navy Admiral Enrico Credendino, Liguria’s Region President Giovanni Toti and the Major of Genoa Marco Bucci. The Vespucci will share Italian national values and culture and showcase Italian excellence in manufacturing to the world, supporting the importance of maritime missions for global development.

This is the itinerary for Vespucci and her crew:

· Marseille (France): 04-07 July 2023

· Las Palmas (Spain): 19-22 July 2023

· Dakar (Senegal): 29 July – 01 August 2023

· Praia (Cape Verde): 04-06 August 2023

· Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic): 28 August-02 September 2023

· Cartagena (Colombia): 07-10 September 2023

· Port of Spain (Trinidad): 18-19 September 2023

· Fortaleza (Brazil): 04-08 October 2023

· Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): 20-24 October 2023

· Montevideo (Uruguay): 02-05 November 2023

· Buenos Aires (Argentina): 06 November 2023 – 01 April 2024

· Ushuaia (Argentina) and Punta Arenas (Chile): 13-16 April 2024

· Valparaiso (Chile): 28 April – 02 May 2024

· Callao (Peru): 12-15 May 2024

· Guayaquil (Ecuador): 21-24 May 2024

· Balboa (Panama): 31 May – 02 June 2024

· Acapulco (Mexico): 15-19 June 2024

· Los Angeles (USA): 01-06 July 2024

· Honolulu (USA): July 24-28, 2024

· Tokyo (Japan): 25-30 August 2024

· Manila (Philippines): 14-18 September 2024

· Darwin (Australia): 04 -07 October 2024

· Jakarta (Indonesia): 20-24 October 2024

· Singapore (Republic of Singapore): 30 October – 03 November 2024

· Mumbai (India): 24-28 November 2024

· Karachi (Pakistan): 03-06 December 2024

· Doha (Qatar): 13-16 December 2024

· Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates): 18-21 December 2024

· Muscat (Oman): 24-27 December 2024

· Safaga (Egypt): 15-18 January 2025

· Larnaca (Cyprus): 29-31 January 2025

· La Spezia (Italy): 11 February 2025


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