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Project Stay Exports : Multisector Italian Delegation.

The Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, India with collaboration of various Chamber of Commerce in Italy would be arranging B2B meetings with the following 3 Italian companies from the agriculture-construction sector, Crude Oil refinery and Brass component & fitting sector. Interested Indian companies interested in representation for these Italian companies can write back to Mr. Anand Shindagi, email-id for more details.

The details of the 3 Italian companies are

  • Seppi M. SpA


Product: Machinery for the Agriculture, forestry, landscaping or construction namely forestry mulchers for grass, bushes, wood and stone crushers/forestry tillers

Interests in India : Looking for Indian dealers, importers, representatives for the Indian market.

Click here for the catalogues and price list.

Download PDF • 4.81MB

Download PDF • 5.54MB

Seppi_Price_list_MIDIPIERRE 150_Stone_Crusher
Download PDF • 120KB

Seppi_Price_list_MINIFORST 175_Bush_Mulcher
Download PDF • 120KB

  • Prometheus Srl


Product: Consultancy and software for the Crude Oil refinery (downstream) to improve profitability. The software manages reception, transfer and processing in the refinery. It is a technology for crude oil characterization, plant stimulation and blending calculation. They also assist in design, revamping, refinery project construction. Their software supports the decisions of every aspect of the Oil Refining System, allowing accurate short, medium and long term planning of the industrial operations. The software covers all the relevant elements required to model the supply chain, from crude oil characterisation to finished product blending. (Already supplied the software to HMEL Limited – Guru Govind Refinery, Punjab)

Interests: To find consultants / engineering companies / software consultant working in the Oil& Gas sector interested in representing Prometheus Srl In India.

Click here to see the catalogues for Prometheus Srl

Download PDF • 3.76MB

Prometheus_Crude Logistics Scheduling_PTQ Q2 2021 digital edition
Download PDF • 315KB

Download PDF • 3.41MB

Prometheus_RTM-2020_Innovative Software Improves Crude Oil Logistics Scheduling at HMEL re
Download • 2.53MB

Prometheus_RTM-2020_Innovative Software Improves Crude Oil logistics Scheduling_Slideshow_
Download • 2.83MB

  • Dall'Era Valerio srl


Product : Brass components and fittings. Dallera can make customized brass nuts and fittings according to the customer's needs and technical drawing in a range from 1/2" to 3". Their brass nuts and fittings are used in heating systems, civil and industrial plumbing system, gas system, valves and fittings, refrigeration and many other fields. They export their products to 31 countries in the


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