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Pecorino Romano - A Cheese Dating Back To Ancient Romans

Pecorino is a term used to define Italian cheeses made from 100% sheep’s milk.

Of the four Pecorino cheeses that have received Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status under European Union law, Pecorino Romano is one of the most ancient types of cheese as well as the most famous outside of Italy. As per legislation, production of Pecorino Romano is allowed only on the islands of Sardinia, Lazio and in the Tuscan Province of Grosseto. All these varieties differ from each other, depending on how much they have aged.

As the name suggests, the history of Pecorino Romano dates back to Roman times. For more than two thousand years the flocks of sheep that graze freely in the countryside of Lazio and Sardinia have produced the milk from which the cheese is made. In the Imperial Palaces, it was a prized dressing at banquets, while its long-term storage capacity made it a staple food for rations when the Roman legions marched. It was much in use among the Romans that a daily ration was established to be given to the Legionaries, as a supplement to the bread and farro soup: 27 grams! This cheese gave back strength and vigour to tired soldiers and nowadays we know why. Pecorino Romano gives energy and is easy to digest.

Pecorino Romano is a hard cheese, cooked, made with fresh whole sheep’s milk, derived exclusively from farms in the area of ​​production. It comes with a thin crust, the colour of pale ivory or straw, sometimes covered with a special protective covering for foods in a neutral colour or black.

The cheese has a consistency that is dense or with a limited number of holes and its colour can vary from white to a more or less intense shade of straw. The taste of the cheese is aromatic, lightly spicy and tangy in the table cheese, intensely spicy in the grated cheese.

Pecorino Romano can be sold after a minimum maturation period of 5 months for table cheeses and 8 months for grating types.

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