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More Reasons To Love Pasta Garofalo from Italy

Pasta Garofalo surprises you with every bite because it is truly special. With traditions passed down by the pasta makers of Gragnano, Pasta Garofalo is made starting from its roots in the prized traditions of their land, enriched over time by every innovation capable of bringing the process to perfection.

Garofalo was established in Gragnano, the homeland of pasta. The climatic conditions of the area are perfect for drying pasta, and the presence of spring water that fed the mills made Gragnano the ideal place for the production of pasta. At the end of the eighteenth century, with a Royal Decree, Michele Garofalo obtained the exclusive concession for the production of pasta as it was considered “well-made”.

Time has rewarded the original formula of Garofalo, which combines a drive for innovation with an unstoppable search for quality. The company has thus become an engine of Gragnano evolution. Besides being a leader in Italy for quality pasta, today Garofalo exports its products to over sixty countries around the world. It is therefore a story of Italian excellence.

Garofalo’s quality is unmistakable and the product speaks for itself. At the base is their dedication to excellence, their desire to make the pleasure of good food an exact science, without giving up creativity.

Environmental Commitment

The quality of their products is an essential priority, which goes hand in hand with protecting the quality of the environment. The love and respect for Gragnano area push them to be constantly on the front line to minimise the environmental impact of their factory.

For this, they have chosen to invest in solar energy and cogeneration in order to safeguard the excellence of the product with a careful eye on the business chain. The installation of a trigeneration plant powered by natural gas has proven to be beneficial for them. They have optimised energy costs along with a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. Garofalo has chosen to use packaging cartons made with recycled paper coming from the landfills of Campania.

Social Commitment

Garofalo believes in the indispensable and precious good represented by the people, the essential foundation on which a true competitive advantage is built, as well as the company’s growth path.

Inspired by this principle, Pastificio Garofalo is active in providing for the needs and well-being of its employees, with particular sensitivity to the issues of diversity and inclusion, as can be testified by the inclusion of the company among the 20 finalist brands for the Diversity & Inclusion Brand Award in March 2019.

Garofalo is a brand that is highly appreciated and recognised for its unmistakable identity in Italy and in the world.

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Source: Garofalo

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