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"Merenda" an old Italian Food Ritual That We All Need Right Now

Speaking of the Italian Food Tradition, we cannot forget to mention the Merenda, one that the kids love! Merenda is an old food ritual we all need right now. Have you ever heard about it? It is had between the gap of lunch and dinner that contains a quick snack after school, and a minute to refresh before beginning homework. Italians love merenda so much that it even has its own national day for the same.

Merenda is regarded as small feeds for children that are a significant portion of a nutritional model that splits the daily diet into 5 meals. Conventionally, children’s merende has always been prepared with basic ingredients that were easy to get because they came directly from nature, like fruit or egg yolks beaten with sugar (and a dash of coffee for adults).

Foods offered during Merenda differ relying on the hunger levels, taste and mood. It's not a full-fledged meal, but a snack that fills you over until dinner without ruining it. If possible, you should have it sitting down.

This meal can also be a toast and a fruit or even a muesli bar, but eventually, it should be something that nurtures or provides comfort. Nevertheless, on a celebratory day, you may even have Nutella, cake, or the prized 'merendine' - individually wrapped baked goods that often contains two pieces of sponge, are full of pastry cream and sometimes covered in chocolate.

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Food is equal to fuel and nourishment also delivers other necessities like connection, conversation and friendship. We could chat or share stories while snacking on homemade cured meats, cheese and wine. Yet popular with children, adults also enjoy Merenda.

Regardless of age or nationality, we could all do with more Merenda in our lives. We could keep a snack by someone's door, organize to eat together online or come together - depending on your area's restrictions. Identical to all collective mealtimes, Merenda confirms that not only our loved ones are nourished but that they feel loved, heard and seen too.

What to have for Merenda?

Few Tuscan ways to prepare Merenda with the base of Tuscan bread:

  • Bread with all sorts of cured meats such as mortadella or salami, or with Nutella chocolate.

  • Egg and bacon sandwich served with two well-buttered pieces of golden-brown toast.

  • The ideal sandwich with 2 slices of bread, stuffed with cheese and raw ham.

  • Homemade bread slices drizzled with olive oil, salt and rubbed ripe tomatoes on top.

  • A pizza slice is always a good idea.

  • In Tuscany, the focaccia is eaten with cecina (also named calda or torta di Ceci) which is a sort of chickpeas salty flatbread.

  • A blast from the past was bread, sugar and red wine. The sweet taste of sugar and the good smell of the wine, an absolute delight!!

You must not leave Tuscany before trying this snack of the Italian food tradition. There are several ways to enjoy a Merenda. Sitting on a table in the foremost square of a primitive village. While wine tasting in a vineyard. Waiting for the sun to set beside the beach, or sitting on a terrace gazing at tremendous landscapes!


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