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Make an Easy Lemon Herb Pasta

This easy lemon herb pasta recipe is perfect for busy weeknights! Add shrimp, chicken, or veggies to make it your own and have this lemon pasta ready in under 30 minutes. This is one of those oh-so-simple but oh-so-flavorful recipes that just makes everything easier.

It’s quick to make (we’re talking less than 30 minutes!) and you almost always have the ingredients on hand, so it’s the perfect choice for busy weeknights when you get sucked into Netflix and forget to buy food haven’t had time to hit the store.


● 2 large lemons

● 1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

● 1/2 cup shredded Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

● 1/2 lb. spaghetti

● salt and pepper to taste

● 1/2 cup fresh chopped parsley

● 1/2 cup fresh chopped basil


● Cook the spaghetti in very salty water until al dente.

● While the pasta cooks, zest the lemons with a Microplane – being careful to avoid the bitter white pith under the skin – and place lemon zest in a large mixing bowl.

● Juice each lemon and add lemon juice to the mixing bowl with the lemon zest. Make sure to remove any seeds.

● Add olive oil and shredded Parmigiano Reggiano cheese to bowl and stir to combine.

● When pasta is al dente, save a ladle full of pasta water and place it in a separate small bowl.

● Drain pasta. Add hot drained pasta to your lemon-oil-cheese mixture. Toss to combine until cheese has melted and pasta is evenly coated. If it needs a little more moisture, add a splash of the reserved pasta water.

● Taste pasta and season to taste with salt and plenty of fresh ground black pepper.

● Reserve a tablespoon or so of chopped herbs for garnish. Toss remaining parsley and basil with the pasta until herbs are evenly distributed.

● Serve immediately and top with reserved herbs for garnish.

Buon Appetito!!


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