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Italy on top of the PDO, PGI, TGS F&B ranking

As per Osservatorio Qualivita, in the world, there are 1,500 PDO, PGI, or TGS food products.

Italy confirms its absolute leadership, with 309 food products in the European register ( 171 PDO, 135 PGI, 3 TGS ). In fact, 21% of GI - Geographical Indications are made in Italy followed by France (256 products), then Spain (202), Portugal (140), and Greece (113). 

In 2020 (as of October 22), 34 Italian food products have been officially registered. Italy comes first in the EU for the number of new registrations too (+9), followed by France (+5), Spain, Greece and Croatia (+4).

When talking about the product categories, the assortment is mainly constituted of fresh or processed Fruit, Vegetables and Cereals (400), Cheese (254), Meat products (199), Fresh meat and offal (168), Oils and fats (143). Italy is the country with the greatest number of certified denominations for each of these categories, apart from fresh meat.

Courtesy: Osservatorio Qualivita



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