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Indian Railways Set to Complete 56 Key Infra Projects in 26 Months

Indian Railways plans to complete 56 key existing projects over the next 26 months, starting February, to boost rail infrastructure, Railway Board chairman and chief executive officer Suneet Sharma.

The national transporter will focus on infrastructure projects such as building double-track railway lines, switching from one track gauge to another, and new lines. The thrust of the next fiscal is on infrastructure development, throughput enhancement, development of terminal facilities, augmentation of the speed of trains, signalling systems, improvement of passenger and user amenities, among others, Sharma said.

“As far as new big projects are concerned, ₹40,932 crores have been allocated for new lines, ₹26,116 crores for doubling, ₹5,263 crores for traffic facilities and ₹7,122 crores for ROBs/RUBs (road over bridge and road under the bridge). Traffic facilities have seen a whopping 156% jump in allocation while new lines have got a 52% increase in allocation as compared to last year," railway ministry said in a statement.

Other than these major projects, Indian Railways is set to complete more than 1,200 roads over bridges, the road under bridges and subways this year.


Courtesy: Mint

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