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Indian Government bans import of 101 Defence Equipment Items

India is among the world's top three importers of defence equipment. In order to boost local production, 6.5 billion has been set aside for domestic capital procurement.

The list includes not just simple parts but also high tech weapon systems - artillery guns, assault rifles, corvettes, sonar systems, transport aircraft, light combat helicopters (LCHs), radars, etc. 

This offers great opportunities for advanced technologies for defence manufacturing, machine tools and engineering products, which the government hopes can act as an engine to revive long-term economic growth.

Read more about the initiative here


Source: The Indian Express

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Shawn Richard
Shawn Richard
Sep 19, 2023

This post allowed me to appreciate the courage and dedication of our soldiers in defending freedom and security. I recently came across post, which talked about the equipment of American soldiers. It was a fascinating look into the world of military technology and equipment. Having learned about the advanced designs and innovative solutions used by the US Army, I was amazed at their high level of protection and effectiveness.

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