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Healthy And Gourmet Are Driving Italian Bakery Exports

According to Nomisma data, in 2019 exports of Italian savoury bakery products exceeded 900 million euros, up +9.8% compared to 2018. In the first eight months of 2020, the export trend remained positive (+3%) compared to the same period in 2019. This is a result of the good performance of the most traditional categories: fresh bread (+7.2%) and rusks (+1.2%), as well as crepes, savoury pies, and pizzas (+6.3%).

On the other hand, sales of categories that are more linked to niche consumption (such as unleavened bread) or to occasional consumption (potato chips, sugar-free cookies, etc.) suffered the most substantial drop recorded by salty snacks (-19.3%).


An in-depth analysis of Italian companies’ bakery offerings for foreign markets confirms great attention to Italian-style and products from local supply chains. Health benefits are a very effective driver too. Among new launches, we can find products with high protein content, rich in beneficial nutrients, or with a reduced content of salt, fat.

Leavening is yet another emerging theme. A lot of companies are focusing on long-time fermentation and sourdough for more delicious and digestible products. Bread substitutes are carving their niche on foreign markets, not only as an accompaniment to meals but also as snacks. This category is significantly characterized by fancy and peculiar innovations in shapes and tastes.



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