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Discovering South Tyrol, Italy

The northernmost region in Italy, Alto Adige (meaning “Upper Adige” and named after the river that runs through it) borders Switzerland and Austria. It’s also known as Sudtirol, or “South Tyrol,” thanks to its location in the southernmost part of Austria.

One of the two regions making up Trentino-Alto Adige, Alto Adige was part of Austria until the end of the World War I. A predominantly German-speaking region, it has signs in German, Italian and in a language called Ladin, spoken by about 30,000 of the residents.

South Tyrol is divided into eight different districts. Bolzano (in German, “Bozen”) is the capital and largest town.

Set among the dramatic peaks of the Dolomites, South Tyrol in northern Italy offers wonderful hiking and mountain biking, cinematic lakes and more. Every year many people choose Trentino-South Tyrol for their holiday. If you are wondering why then the moment has come to discover why people find this region so amazing.

Winter in South Tyrol is magic. At the Dolomiti Superski ski area, you will have the opportunity to try downhill or cross-country skiing and to go snowboarding. Otherwise, the area is perfect for ski-mountaineering, for excursions with snowshoes and for climbing ice walls

Summer in South Tyrol is colour. Everything around you is green, walking in nature, sipping iced water from a creek and admiring the high mountains in the full sun far away.

Far from the grey of the city, you will be surrounded by green fields, fruit trees and flowers. You will enjoy colourful mountains and emerald-green lakes.

Thanks to Alto Adige’s Austrian heritage, the cuisine in South Tyrol is distinctly different from the other regions in Italy. White cabbage, potatoes, and bread show up often, as does the flavorful cured and smoked pork—called speck—that’s labelled IGP, denoting its geographical origins.

The region is unquestionably Italy’s culinary star — boasting more Michelin-starred restaurants in one place than anywhere else in the country

Every year, there is a lively speck festival held in Santa Maddalena, a small town in Val di Funes; the festival features a farmer’s market, local artisanal products, freshly-baked local bread, music, and of course, tastings of speck. It’s usually in early October, so check before you go.

One typical dish in Alto Adige that uses speck: Canederli, bread dumplings made with leftover bread and, sometimes, cheese.

Canederli can either be served in a broth or with melted butter and grated cheese

Fresh apple juice and apple strudel are the perfect way to end a South Tyrolean meal.


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