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Fimer becomes the 4th largest Inverter provider with the acquisition of ABB Inverter business

Fimer, the leading Italian Inverter maker recently completed their acquisition of ABB’s manufacturing and R&D sites in Finland, Italy and India. Fimer projects that the combined business will ship more than 7 GW of inverters this year. The acquisition began in July 2019 and was finally completed this month.

Fimer in a statement said that “Fimer’s commitment is to continue to create value and maintain existing facilities as well as employment levels. Investment in research and development are of key importance. As a result, Fimer decided to maintain both the R&D hub in Finland and manufacturing plants Italy and India.”

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that's great news about Fimer becoming the 4th largest inverter provider! It's impressive to hear about their acquisition of ABB's inverter business and the projected 7 GW of inverters to be shipped this year. It's also reassuring to know that Fimer is committed to maintaining existing facilities and employment levels, as well as investing in research and development. This shows their dedication to creating value and innovation in the industry. By the way, have you ever tried using omegle chat?

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