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Casarecce with Parsley Pesto

Do you come home from work and have little time for the stove? Here is a pasta that could make your life easier: casarecce pasta with parsley pesto. The dressing is non-cooked and can also be prepared in advance. The simplicity of implementation is also maximum. A perfect dish for the summer when the heat takes away the desire for long and laborious preparations.

This festive season, treat your family and friends to an authentic Italian feast, without dining out, with our easy and exquisite recipes! The second recipe in our Cook an Italian Feast Series to wow your palate is Pesto Casarecce Pasta.

Pesto is a sauce that is prepared cold and added to hot pasta. In Liguria, it is usually prepared with a pestle and mortar, first grinding the garlic with a pinch of sea salt and gradually adding and grinding all the other ingredients, finishing with a splash of olive oil.

Recipe Prep time – 20 mins | Serves – 4 | Difficulty – low


1) Lightly roast the pine nuts in a pan over a very little heat and allow it to cool on a plate.

2) Wash the basil leaves, so as not to handle them too much and prevent them from oxidizing, and dry them in a salad spinner.

3) Separate the leaves and place them in a blender with some of the pine nuts, cheeses, chopped garlic, oil and salt.

4) Gently blend the pesto without holding down the button for too long so that the sauce doesn’t get too hot or too runny.

5) Gradually add all the ingredients until reaching the desired consistency.

6) As the caserecce is being cooked in boiling water with salt, place the sauce in a large bowl, which will be used to serve the pasta.

7) Drain the pasta and place in the bowl while stirring, adding some of the pasta water to give the sauce an even better texture.

8) Add more grated cheese while serving, depending on the desired flavor.

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