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ACMA (part of Coesia SpA) launches sustainable paper-based packaging

Ecoshell born from a single flat blank turns out to be lighter and less bulky with respect to traditional plastic solutions, thus allowing more efficient logistics, reducing transport and storage costs.

ACMA launches "Ecoshell", an innovative and sustainable paper-based packaging, created for the Confectionery industry but applicable to any compatible product. Ecoshell is a solution that avoids the use of plastic. It is consistent with the new vision of the company, aimed at improving the sustainability of packaging thanks to constant research on materials and their management in the different phases of the packaging process.

ACMA, a Coesia company, continues to invest in products that meet the needs for sustainability and functionality typical of out-of-home consumption. Alongside the most common shapes, such as Flip Top and Zip Top, ACMA is now able to create a new box called “Ecoshell”. Developed in partnership with Coesia Packaging Innovation Center, Ecoshell is a package characterized by an innovative design that allows to enjoy a convenient dosage function with great ease of use, without giving up on aesthetics. The new technology developed by ACMA generates shapes that are not commonly feasible, guaranteeing uniqueness in appearance and great flexibility, thus allowing the customers to achieve an extensive degree of customization. Ecoshell is in fact scalable in size and proportions and flexible to different commercial purposes, depending on the type of product to be packaged.

Ecoshell has been developed with pilot applications in the Confectionery industry, a sector that has always been attentive to both the shape and functionality of packaging. Moreover, Ecoshell is mainly intended for developed and mature markets, such as Europe and North America. The targets are consumers who are attentive to the sustainability and aesthetics of the product, who prefer packaging that is green and functional on the one hand and captivating and original on the other.

Sustainability driving the future of confectionery packaging

Ecoshell is perfectly suitable for the packaging of food products such as chewing gums, dried fruit or candies. At the same time, it can be effectively used for items such as supplements and personal care products. The package is also designed to facilitate single dosage. As proof of its flexibility, Ecoshell can potentially be adopted for the packaging of products such as cotton buds or stick snacks.

Sustainability as a driver

Sustainability is the real fulcrum around which the whole Ecoshell project revolves – it is in fact a paper-based package, capable of replacing plastic solutions which are commonly used, resulting in a reduced environmental impact. This is in line with the wishes of consumers in markets particularly sensitive to sustainability such as the US and Europe. In fact, paper, if produced according to sustainable methods, represents an easily recyclable source capable of providing adequate mechanical performances. Ecoshell has intrinsic sturdiness, which makes it suitable for containing a significant quantity of products. Furthermore, being born from a single flat blank, it turns out to be lighter and less bulky with respect to traditional plastic solutions, thus allowing more efficient logistics, reducing transport and storage costs.


Credit: ACMA, Agro Spectrum India

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