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Fast Track Mechanism Initiated To Facilitate Issues Faced By Italian Investors In India

A Fast Track System has been established in India with the key objectives of identifying and solving problems faced by Italian Companies and Investors with their operations in India. The system will also serve as a platform for discussing general suggestions from the point of view of Italian companies and investors with regard to ease of doing business in India.

The Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT), under the Ministry, will represent the Indian side in this system and will facilitate the participation of other relevant Ministries and authorities on a case by case basis.

The Italian Embassy in India in close cooperation with relevant Ministries in Italy will represent the Italian side of this system in India. The fast-track system will be reviewed twice a year at the level of secretary, DPIIT and Italian Ambassador in India.

​Please write to us for details and submit your issues/suggestions at to be taken up by the highest authorities in the Indian government.

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