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In policy reversal govt says family members can be covered under workplace COVID-19 vaccination

Several queries have been raised regarding coverage of family members along with the workers at industrial and workplace Covid vaccination centres (CVCs). It is clarified that family members and dependents or workers can be covered. For industrial CVCs and private workplace CVCs, vaccine doses will have to be procured by private hospitals with whom the respective employer ties up for vaccination," a letter by the union health ministry stated.

It said that for government workplace CVCs, beneficiaries aged 45 years or more may be covered through the free vaccine doses supplied by the Centre to the states and Union Territories.

However, the beneficiaries in the age group of 18 to 44 years may be covered through the vaccine doses directly procured by the respective State/UT governments from the vaccine manufacturers, the ministry said.


Reference: OneIndia | 23 May 2021

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