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Fiat-PSA merger win-win for India market: Analysts

American-Italian carmaker Fiat Chrysler recently merged with France’s PSA group, and automobile sector analysts believe that this merger will prove beneficial for the Indian market.

France’s PSA group plans to launch its Citroen range from 2020-21, while Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is well established and has even tasted limited success with its Jeep Compass in India. FCA and PSA have merged to become the 4th largest global automobile makers with a capacity to produce 8.7 million vehicles per year.

Speaking of the merger being an absolute win-win for both Fiat and PSA, Puneet Gupta, director, automotive forecast, IHS Markit, said, “There are lots of synergies possible. They can look at having a common dealer network in India for wider reach.”

Courtesy: NewIndiaExpress

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