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Electric Vehicles Market in India

A recent data study conducted by Statista found that in the year 2019, about 83 percent of the electric vehicle sales in India were of three-wheelers. Two-wheelers followed in the second position with a share of 16.59 per cent while the sale of four-wheelers lingered just 0.47 percent.

While a significant paradigm shift is yet to happen throughout the country, the Delhi government has announced a few notable changes. In the second week of its Switch Delhi campaign, many users, environmentalists, celebrities, and industry leaders have come forward to express their support, and applaud the campaign. Since the launch of the Delhi EV policy in August 2020, three-wheelers emerge as the highest-selling EV segment in Delhi. 5534 new EV three-wheelers have been registered, with more users coming forward to make the switch.

The second week of the Switch Delhi campaign focused on generating awareness on the benefits of EV three-wheelers along with the benefits offered under the Delhi EV policy for those who want to make the switch from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles to electric.

Under Delhi’s EV policy, 177 three-wheeler models are available and eligible for purchase and scrapping incentives across 68 manufacturers.

To document the experiences of Delhiites who have switched to EV to encourage others to make the switch, the Switch Delhi campaign launched its #DilliKeGreenWarrior initiative. Delhi’s EV policy and the Switch Delhi campaign have been well-applauded by environmentalists, celebrities, and the industry.


Courtesy: MSN, Statista, News18

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