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Centre announces free vaccination for all above 18 years from 21 June 2021

"India will defeat Corona," Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during a virtual address to the nation on Monday. PM Modi has said that the government would take back control of Covid-19 vaccination from the states and provide free vaccines to all in the next two weeks.

In an address to the nation, the PM said, "The Centre is taking back total control of vaccination now, will be implemented in next two weeks. The Centre will give free vaccines to states for all above 18. From 21 June, the Centre will provide free vaccines to states."

"Today, it has been decided that the central government will take over the 25% vaccination procurement that was handed over to states," PM Modi said.

Those who want to pay can visit the private hospitals, who can still buy 25% of the vaccine shots directly from manufacturers.

"75% of vaccination will be free and under the Centre, 25% will be paid and by private hospitals," PM Modi said.

The Prime Minister also announced free ration for the poor under Prime Minister Garib Kalyan Yojana till Diwali.

The Prime Minister's address to the nation today comes at a time when India registered its lowest Covid-19 infections in two months with 1 lakh fresh cases. The daily Covid-19 death toll has also come down while the number of active cases in the country has decreased to 14 lakh.


Source: Mint | 07 Jun 2021

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