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Image by Chris Czermak

ENIT - The Italian Tourism Board was established in 1919 and is today Italy's national agency supervised by the Italian Ministry of Tourism with the mandate to promote Italy as a touristic destination worldwide. ENIT has a rooted history with India: established in 2003 at the IICCI headquarters in Mumbai, the Board has positioned itself as a pillar of the promotion of Italy as a touristic destination. 


Today, in the year marking its 20th anniversary, ENIT is back at the IICCI with a full-fledged Desk!


The Desk initiatives include:

  • the organisation of events, workshops, and roadshows to present and promote in India Italian regional touristic destinations;

  • the organisation of matching activities and B2B and B2G meetings between Italian and Indian institutions and operators;

  • the participation to sector fairs and exhibitions in India;

  • the execution of promotional campaigns, online and offline.

Do reach out to us and share your needs or simple queries at this email account

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