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Italian Balsamic Vinegar

One of the most popular - and often imitated - products of Italian cuisine, since 2000 it has been protected by the protected designation of origin (PDO) mark, recognized in two different denominations Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena (ABTM) and Balsamic Vinegar Traditional of Reggio Emilia (ABTRE). The process of the musts can only take place in the particular environmental and climatic conditions typical of the attics of the old houses and only in the territory of the two Emilia provinces, characterized by harsh winters and hot and windy summers. For these reasons it cannot be obtained with industrial or large-scale processing, so its production is very limited and exclusive.
It is not to be confused with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI, which is a product made with different proportions of wine vinegar (not present in the ABT) and cooked must, usually industrial, and is protected with a different disciplinary which includes the possibility of using additives such as thickeners and dyes.

  • Ponti (imported by Chenab Impex): check product list here

  • Due Vittorie (imported by Fine Food): check product list here

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