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Who Else Wants To Know The Mystery Behind Riscossa Pasta?

The history of Riscossa goes way back to the early 20th century. The Cavalier Leonardo Mastromauro founded the pasta factory in Corato, Puglia in 1902. By the end of the 1940s, the production of pasta was 330 quintals a day. This small – run family factory became big. Within the first 50 years of the pasta factory, production went from 100 quintals per day to 300 quintals per day and they had to move their set up to a larger building.

The name of the company was changed to “Pastificio Riscossa”. In 1971, Riscossa produced 500 quintals of pasta per day, with a manually adjustable industrial plant. The second generation of Cavalier Mastromauro – Nunzio and Giuseppe, took over the company, giving rise to the current corporate structure.

Today, Riscossa exports its pasta all over the world. Some of the new recipes have been added over a period of time to meet with today’s demands. There are special regional pasta, egg pasta, gourmet pasta extruded through bronze, organic whole wheat pasta and gluten-free pasta, peeled tomatoes and chopped tomatoes, sauces, oil and vinegar, biscuits, flour and semolina, rice and potato dumplings.

Riscossa is known to select the best durum wheat of Puglia and Basilicata, to bring the great tradition of Italian pasta at your doorstep. Over a period of time, with the help of technology, the methods may have changed but the passion and trust with the brand remain the same. High-quality raw materials are selected and a blend of grains makes it healthier and tastier.

Ever since the beginning, Riscossa pasta is made up of wheat durum and water. The traditional processing method is still being followed which involves the three stages of kneading, extrusion and drying. The bronze dies to allow for a rough texture which is perfect for holding the sauce. Drying takes place at medium or medium-low temperatures, to maintain the nutritional quality of the grain of wheat. This is the very reason Riscossa pasta is always fragrant, perfectly al dente.

The quality of their pasta is not the only speciality of Riscossa, but they take care of environmental sustainability too. The streamlining of production processes helps them reduce energy consumption and a strict amount of recyclable packaging material help protect the environment by recycling.

Here are some kinds of pasta from Riscossa for a perfectly healthy diet: a number of organic whole wheat pasta varieties, for the health-conscious; pasta made from rice flour, corn and quinoa for those intolerant to gluten; biscuits without milk and eggs suitable for vegans; biscuits with no added sugar, ideal for those who must follow a dietary regimen.

Have you chosen your Riscossa Pasta yet?

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