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What is a Americano (Cocktail)?

Despite its name, Americano is an Italian cocktail made with a splash of club soda and equal parts Campari and sweet red vermouth. Campari and vermouth are poured over ice in a glass, and the whole thing is topped with soda water, then garnished with a lemon twist or an orange slice.

It is believed that the first Americano was served at Gaspare Campari’s bar in the 1860s in Milan. Originally, it was named Milano-Torino, referring to the fact that its key ingredients are from Milan (Campari) and Torino (sweet vermouth).

However, it was later renamed Americano due to its popularity among American tourists. Americano was the first cocktail ordered by James Bond in Casino Royale, and it is also considered the "father" of another popular cocktail – the Negroni.

How To Make It


Credit: TasteAtlas

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Lauren Bradshaw
Lauren Bradshaw
Dec 25, 2023

Hey cocktail connoisseurs!

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