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The impact of global recession on Italian food exports

In 2020 exports of Italy’s food and beverage products increased – in contrast to the trend of all other economic sectors (a general decline of -10.8%) – growing by +1.4%. According to an analysis by Italian farmers association Coldiretti – based on Istat data on the first eleven months of 2020 – despite the Covid-19 pandemic the year just ended was a record year for Italian food exports.

In 2020 F&B was the only growing economic sector considering the demand from foreign countries

The growth in demand for Italian food and beverages abroad was driven once again by Germany (+5.5%), Italy’s leading partner, followed by the USA (+5.2%) despite the additional duties that have affected some of Italy’s best-known products.

Italian food has shown resilience in the face of the global health and economic crisis. Moreover, it can play a driving role for the whole of Italy’s economy” – says the president of Coldiretti, Ettore Prandini.


Courtesy: ItalianFood

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