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The Best Homemade Caramel Coffee Recipe by Caffè Trucillo

Italians live homemade coffee as a ritual and we express our welcoming and hospitality spirit through it. Coffee starts up the day, closes a meal and represents a pleasant break to be shared with friends.

It can be moka, espresso or capsules, the set is thought to satisfy all kinds of taste and to walk with you in every moment of the day to feel the pleasure of a good coffee at home.

There is something that turns a bar from an anonymous and transient place into a cosy and welcoming hotspot: it is about that magical combination of creativity and know-how, making the break time a pleasant and engaging sensory experience. Caffè Trucillo offers taste and inventiveness blended together into a seductive journey.

Credit: loveandoliveoil

Recipe: Caramel Coffee


  • 20g of Caramel Topping (1 tablespoon)

  • 1 Espresso Coffee

  • 18g of Cold Milk Cream* (1 tablespoon)

  • Caramel Topping splash for decorating

  • Amaretto grains for garnishing q.s.


  • Trucillo 8.5cl Glass


  • Pour the Caramel Topping, add an Espresso and complete by pouring the cold milk cream.

  • Garnish with Caramel Topping and Amaretto grains.


  • It is suggested to add 2.5g of sugar into the Espresso (half a sugar packet)

The best results always come when you’re using freshly roasted, speciality-grade coffee beans. If you’re not going to use the best beans you can find, you’re cutting yourself short before you even begin the brewing.

Happy brewing!

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Source: Caffe Trucillo

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