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“The Authentic Italian Cook-Show”

Italian food is known the world over for the quality and variety of its ingredients and products, which allow for an endless number of recipes. Italian food&wine are also intrinsically linked to the country’s architectural, artistic, and cultural heritage. Together, they make Italy a unique place!

The IICCI will organize the Authentic Italian Table event on Saturday, 19th June at 12 PM (Indian time) at the Italian specialty food store Foodhall in Mumbai, chef Aabhas Mehrotra (Executive Chef and General Manager, Sorrentina @ Foodhall – Mumbai) will prepare a set of iconic and authentic Italian recipes, whilst Italian food expert Luca Bernardini will take the participants through the origins and territories where these dishes stem from, and Italian blogger and influencer Olly Esse will share how Italian food is intrinsically good for everyone’s health.

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