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Schüttelbrot Alto Adige PGI Has Been Granted The Designation Of Origin

A novel Italian Geographical Suggestion has been included in the European register. It is the Südtiroler Schüttelbrot / Schüttelbrot Alto Adige PGI.

Owing to this distinctive South Tyrolean bread, Italy has touched the milestone of 305 Geographical Indications, (out of a total of 1,456 in Europe).

Schüttelbrot Alto Adige PGI is a crusty, dry rye storable bread that is erratically shaped. It is even aromatic, with a marked hint of fennel, a little acidic, having a moisture content of between 4 and 6 %.

The following ingredients have to be used in its production:

  • Rye flour (min. 50 %)

  • Wheat flour and/or spelt flour

  • Salt

  • Wheat or barley malt

  • Yeast and sourdough (minimum 4 %) produced on the farm

  • Fennel seeds

  • Other spices

Apart from the mentioned ingredients, vegetable fats can be used too. And preparing the bread, fenugreek, wild cumin, coriander, and aniseed can also be added to season the bread.

How To Check The Authenticity Of Schüttelbrot

The Südtiroler Schüttelbrot or Schüttelbrot Alto Adige PGI is compressed and unevenly round in shape, with a diameter ranging from 3cm to 35cm and a thickness of 0.3 to 1.5cm.

The terrestrial production area comprises the entire territory of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano. Similar to the entire baking process, the sourdough utilized for the making of Schüttelbrot, is formed in this geographical area.

With the addition of Schüttelbrot Alto Adige PGI, Italy has now touched the milestone of 305 Geographical Indications in the Food category.


Source: Italianfoodnet

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