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Pizza is the World's Most Searched Takeaway Food on Google

During the Covid-19 pandemic, takeaway food boomed. MoneyBeach, a British company specializing in insurance, has drawn up a world map using Google search data after selecting 100 popular takeaway foods and associating “take away” wording to the search string. The winning dish could only be pizza, one of the Italian culinary pride.

Loved by everyone also for its versatility and the countless variety of tastes, pizza was placed first in 44 countries including India, South Korea, Peru, France and obviously Italy. Chinese food comes in second place, surpassing pizza in 29 countries including the UK and USA. Sushi comes in third place, but it is the most sought after take away food in 10 countries including Sweden and Japan


In Europe, pizza triumphs all over the continent, even if Russians search more for kebabs, the Dutch for Indian food, the Turks for pasta, and the Danes for tapas. In the second place there is sushi, which comes first in 5 countries (Romania, Ukraine, Sweden, Portugal and Azerbaijan), and in third place Chinese food which wins in the UK, Greece, and the Czech Republic.

Pizza comes first in many Central American and Caribbean states including El Salvador and Barbados as well as in Argentina and Peru. The search for the Italian culinary symbol in India involves over 17% of the world’s population, and this Italian staple is very popular also in Indonesia, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia. In Africa, some Mediterranean countries such as Egypt, Tunisia and Morocco like pizza the most.



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