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Madama Oliva is synonymous with Italian Excellence. Here's why!

It all began in Castel Madama, a small rural village to the east of Rome, where some families dried and sold local black table olives in the nearby markets. The Mancini family distinguished itself in this activity, for its commitment and passion, which by, combining tradition and increasingly advanced industrial technologies, quickly reached surprising results.

It was the fantasy deriving from experience, knowledge of the product and the constant love for olives, which accompanied the Mancini family in a long journey, undertaken together with some of the major olive producers of Castel Madama, which led to the creation of Madama Oliva, in 1989, in Carsoli.

In a few years, the company was affirmed not only as of the main supplier of fresh packed olives of the great Italian distribution but also as the first Italian exporting company in the United States and Japan.

Today, Madama Oliva is a global company, active in all five continents; its name is synonymous with quality preserves and olive products. However, its greatest achievement is to have maintained the spirit, in which it was founded, continuing to work respecting the quality and beauty of an extraordinary product, to live the pride and privilege of sharing the wholesome goodness and culture of a unique gastronomic tradition throughout the world.


Madama Oliva selects the best Italian and Greek cultivars on the market and submits the product to different controls and analyses before each processing.

The team of Madama Oliva regularly checks every stage of processing so that their products are hygienic/sanitary. Their products are healthy because they are free of preservatives, colours and additives of all kinds, appealing because they are made following the typical recipes of the Italian tradition. Olive processing processes do not alter the organoleptic properties and characteristics of the fruits we deal with: taste, smell and texture.

Even the storage of raw material, in special spaces and in refrigerated cells, allows to maintain the main characteristics of the olives unaltered and allows perfect preservation. Their internal laboratory carries out chemical, physical and microbiological controls at the entrance of the product, during the processing phases and at the end of the manufacturing process on each batch. They also avail themselves of the expertise of qualified external laboratories to carry out a various analysis.

In the past years, the collaboration with the Department of Food Science of the University of Perugia has helped them to improve the product and they are still investing resources and skills in Research and Development.


They chose to be entered voluntarily within the national list of EMAS organisations (Community Eco-Management and Audit System) with which they undertake to declare annually the environmental impact data in relation to the company activities carried out, thus exposing them to the evaluation and improvement of the efficiency of the environment.


In addition to promoting the detoxifying action, cheers to olives’ appreciable content of antioxidants; they protect our organs from the harmful action of free radicals. The nutritional contribution of olives is particularly valuable especially through the high content of “good” or monounsaturated fats.

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