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Lavazza Launches Its First Advergame To Support Sustainable Development Projects In Colombia

No matter what tiny initiative we take to protect our climate and environment, it will be a helpful step towards the betterment of the Earth for the next generation. However, we can get creative with our methods, just like Lavazza did.

Lavazza Foundation recently launched an advergame called "COFFEE DEFENDERS - A PATH FROM COCO TO COFFEE" on the Gamindo platform based on their documentary of the same name, bringing to the forefront the lives of Colombo's coffee producers.

This initiative has been started with the aim to raise funds and awareness that will support a coffee-growing community in the Meta region of Columbia.

In 2013, the Colombian government gave farming families in the Meta region the land previously used to grow illegal crops. The Lavazza Foundation has been active here for years with a sustainable development program that has already improved the social and economic conditions of over one hundred of these families, helping them bring the coffee plantations back to life by planting over one million coffee bushes and training them to use good farming practices and techniques to fight the effects of climate change.

“Coffee Defenders, a path from coca to coffee” forms part of Lavazza’s “Coffee Defenders” project, an initiative that draws inspiration from the stories of coffee producers who have benefited from the projects promoted by the Foundation and aims to raise awareness about sustainability in the “coffee community”, made up of people who love an agricultural product that is particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

This documentary is streaming on the digital platform of Amazon Prime in Italy, USA, and UK. The game is inspired by the same documentary where one is supposed to carry the coffee plant from commencement point to the ending point. In this way, the plant becomes a symbol of rebirth to take to a place where it will be kept safe forever - Cartago Agricultural Center in Costa Rica. The video game lets users earn gemstones. Each of the gemstones contributes one- euro cent to the amount contributed by the Lavazza Foundation. This will be sent to their partner in a sustainable development project - Carcafè, in the Meta region that supports small coffee farmers in the area.

Just like Lavazza, you can be creative with the classics too. Climate change is a major issue all over the globe and we can contribute by playing your little part.


Source: Businessworld

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