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Italian luxury menswear brand Moda Biella enters the Indian Market

Known for its luxurious and unique fabrics, Moda Biella launched its foray into India in Dubai in early October in the presence of the prominent names from the textile industry of India.

Mr. Vikram Mahaldar, MD & CEP of OCM talked about Moda Biella’s future in India as being bright as it has been well-received by Indian retailers and there is a niche market for luxury brands.

Mr. Campbell, an EU advisor of Moda Biella said “MODA BIELLA has the most beautiful cloths in the world that has been inspired by Italian design and quality; and created exclusively for the Indian market. Bringing a sartorial elegance that is second to none, we’re convinced that this range from today will keep growing and will become one of the most popular collections in the world.”

Moda Biella’s unique fabrics come in blends of cashmere, merino, silk and linen, with an aim to combine style with comfort.

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