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Introducing Fratelli Beretta

Fratelli Beretta, driven by a passion to provide quality and authentic Italian cured meats since 1812, today is a global leader in the Italian gourmet food sector. With constant innovation in production methods, and research and development, the Beretta group has also maintained the authenticity of Italian culture, and the tradition of the land and Italian processes.

Today, the Beretta Group has a presence in over 40 countries and 22 production plants in Italy and abroad. The Beretta group is a leading producer of 19 PDO and PGI cured meat products such as Prosciutto di San Daniele PDO, Finocchiona PGI, Salame Brianza PDO, and many more.

The highest level of hygiene is provided through the operation of the "Salle Blanche" futuristic facilities in which slicing and packaging takes place under controlled conditions, in which the risk of contamination is virtually eradicated. The Beretta Group adopts a safety and hygiene controlled process (Quality Assurance System) for food that is even more stringent than that demanded by national and international legislation.

Source: Fratelli Beretta


Order authentic Salame Milano and Salame Napoli from Beretta with us from our import partners Fortune Gourmet and get True Italian Taste delivered to your doorstep in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, with up to 25% discount. Visit:

Salame Milano: A classic of the tradition of Lombardy, the lands of origin of the Beretta family, slices with a soft texture and a nice sweet taste.

Salame Napoli: Typical of the South of Italy, with a sweet taste and a pleasant smoked after-taste.

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