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INDIA: COVID-19. Update: Italian legislation

Updated: Aug 28, 2021


23.8.2021 The Ordinance of 29 July 2021 of the Minister of Health extended the ban on entry for those who have stayed/transited in India in the 14 days prior to entering Italy, with limited exceptions. These measures are valid until August 30, 2021. Italian citizens who are also legally resident in Italy from before April 29, Italian citizens enrolled in AIRE or those who have humanitarian or health reasons that cannot be postponed can re-enter Italy (the latter must request an express authorization from the Italian Ministry of Health) . For all, there is an obligation to quarantine at facilities identified by the Italian health authorities ("Covid-Hotel"). These provisions can lead to a significant reduction in air traffic and could constitute a temporary impediment to re-entry to Italy.

Please note that access to medical care in India, at this time may be severely limited due to the number of cases of Covid-19 that structures local hospitals may face in many states and territories of the Union.

International flights to and from India

The suspension of international flights to and from India is extended until 31 August 2021: international air mobility is ensured only by special flights. Consequently, the regular commercial flights from India to Italy are currently not operational and to reach Italy from India it is generally necessary to use flights with a stopover. Among the European airlines connecting India to Europe, it should be noted that Lufthansa and AirFrance / KLM operate a few flights a week departing from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore. However, we invite you to make timely contact with the chosen airline to verify its actual operation.

It should be noted that, starting from 6 July 2021, Germany has restored Schengen transit for European citizens arriving at German airports from India. France and the Netherlands also allow European citizens Schengen transit for those arriving from India.

Domestic flights in India

Domestic flights have been selectively resumed starting May 25, 2020. It is not necessary to obtain any authorization or permit to travel by plane within the country. Access to the airport is allowed by showing the air ticket for the final destination and the passport. For the purposes of accessing the airport, the Indian authorities recommend that passengers activate the free Aarogya Setu tracking application on their mobile phones.

Upon arrival in the city of destination, however, travelers may be subject to quarantine, stability by state or municipal authorities, or be allowed to disembark only in the presence of certification attesting negativity to Covid-19 following RT-PCR tests. (swab). For this reason it is suggested, before traveling, to always check the existence of any such restrictions upon arrival. For more information on domestic flights, current fares and available timetables, compatriots are invited to consult the airlines concerned.

Indian entry visas

On 21 October, the Indian authorities restored the validity of all categories of valid visas, with the exception of tourist and medical visas as well as those issued in electronic format (e-Visa).

For detailed and updated information on the above, it is advisable to refer to the website of the Indian Immigration Office (Bureau of Immigration: ) and to make direct contact with the Indian Embassy in Rome or the Indian Consulate General in Milan.

Those who are eligible to enter India must also be in possession of a certificate of negativity to Covid-19 issued following a nasopharyngeal swab test performed in the 72 hours prior to arrival in the country.

The Italian nationals who are in India with a visa that is no longer valid, or who have exceeded the maximum time of consecutive stay allowed, are authorized by the Indian authorities to remain in the country until 31 August 2021. Until then, it is therefore allowed to remain on the Indian territory, without incurring penalties or having to pay fines. An "exit permit" can be requested by submitting the application on the FRRO website.

In any case, Italian nationals temporarily present in India are invited to urgently report their presence to the Italian Embassy in New Delhi or to the Consulates General in Mumbai and Calcutta, depending on the area of ​​the country in which they are located.

In case of positive Covid-19, please contact the Embassy in New Delhi or the Consulates General of Calcutta and Mumbai, depending on the area of ​​the country in which you are located.



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