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How to Create the Perfect Meat-Cheese-Olive Charcuterie Board

Tired of all the festive cooking? Just want to munch on some decadent but healthy food? Well, just set up a charcuterie board and you are all set!

Charcuterie typically means cured or cold meats. But the usual term “charcuterie board” represents a collection of meats that are served with diverse cheese, crackers, nuts, fruit, and even sauces or dips.

Why Charcuterie Boards are Widespread?

Reasons for the popularity of charcuterie boards:

  1. Super simple to prepare.

  2. Something already made, which means, ready to take a bite.

  3. There’s something for everyone that’s meaty, salty, tasty.

  4. People love nuts, meat, cheeses, olives—all the perfect bite!

Meat, Cheese & Olive Charcuterie Board

A Meat, Cheese & Olive Charcuterie Board is full of cured meats and delightful cheeses, ideal for holiday entertaining. There's no ideal way to prepare a charcuterie plate or a meat and cheese platter, but to simply RELISH it.


  • Pistachios

  • Cashews

  • Roasted almonds

  • 12 oz. Grilled Artichoke hearts

  • Cucumber, sliced

  • Roasted beets

  • Short Stick Pepperoni

  • Salami from Beretta and d'Autore

  • Pitted Olives Jubilee from Frantoio Bianco

  • Aglio Green Pitted Olives from Madama Oliva

  • Brie cheese from Zanetti

  • Parmigiano Reggiano from Montanari Gruzza

  • Cheddar cheese from Zanetti

  • 3 varieties of crackers


  • Cut meats and cheeses; dress all the ingredients on a large board, moist ingredients (artichokes, olives, beets, etc.) in small bowls or jars.

  • Layer with crackers, thin salami slices, and add a small container of toothpicks.

  • ENJOY!

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