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How F&B is becoming Italy’s driving sector

In Italy, the F&B (Food & Beverage) sector is enduring the COVID-19 pandemic emergency exceedingly well. Food companies have witnessed revenue growth, becoming the top sector of the country for wealth with a total value that goes beyond 538 billion euros.

ALL THE GOOD OF ITALY’S Food & Beverages

As per Coldiretti (Coldiretti is the major organization representing agricultural entrepreneurs at national and European level), the Italian F&B guarantees:

+ 3.6 million jobs;

+ 25% of GDP;

+ 740 thousand active farms;

+ 70 thousand food industries;

+ More than 330 thousand catering companies;

+ 230 thousand retail channels.

In spite of the challenges, this supply chain has noted an incessant growth in exports, reaching the best-ever figure of 44.6 billion euros in 2019 which rose by +3% in the initial seven months of 2020.

Italy tops the European ranking of PDO, PGI and TGS products – 310 – as well as DOC and DOCG wines – 415

Ettore Prandini, the President of Coldiretti emphasizing on the consequences of Covid-19 said that the global emergency has disclosed a widespread awareness of the tactical value signified by food and the essential guarantees of quality and safety.

Italy can count on the unquestionable leader in the EU for food quality owing to 310 PDO, PGI, and TGS specialities rand 415 DOC/DOCG wines. Without failing to recall the leadership in organic Italy’s Food & Beverages sector, with more than 60 thousand dedicated farms, and a world dominance for food safety owed to the lesser number of agri-food products with uneven chemical residues, is also a front-runner in biodiversity, having 504 different vine varieties vs 278 in France, and 533 olive cultivars varieties vs 70 in Spain.



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