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Ferrero Enters The Packaged Ice Creams Market

Italy’s confectionery group Ferrero enters the packaged ice cream market with Ferrero Rocher in the Classic, Dark, and Raffaello versions, as well as ice lollies with Estathé Ice in the lemon and peach flavours. These 5 distinctive recipes will be available in all the large-scale retail trade channels by the end of April.

Credit: Metro

The importance of the arrival of these products on the market is underlined by their international launch, which involves – in addition to Italy – four other European countries: France, Germany, Austria and Spain.

Ferrero’s goal is to become an important player in the world of packaged ice cream within the large-scale retail trade and try to dictate new rules in the sector. Just like it happened with Nutella Biscuits, which in just a few months have become the most popular cookies in Italy.




In contrast to the general trend, ice creams exports from Italy have increased by +8% in 2020 for a value of almost 236 million euros in 2020, according to an analysis of Coldiretti on Istat data. The EU countries produce more than 3 billion litres of ice creams. Germany is the first producer among the member states, while Italy comes in second place followed by France.




The development of Ferrero’s ice creams and icicles “has been further strengthened thanks to the synergies with Ice Cream Factory Comaker (ICFC) – a leading global Spanish company specializing in the development and production of ice cream products, with more than fifty-five years of experience – which has been acquired by Ferrero Group in 2019” – the company says in an official statement.

The entire packaged ice cream market in Italy alone is worth about 1.9 billion euros. In the large-scale retail trade are sold 60% of the total packaged ice creams purchased in the country, for a value of 1.2 billion euros



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