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Everyone loves the Due Vittorie Italian Balsamic Glaze Crema!

Balsamic Glaze of Due Vittorie comes from the top-quality grapes of Modena. They extract from their own vineyards and from Emilia Romagna selections. Having their headquarters situated in the core of Modena, they work in accordance with tradition and even monitor the quality of the raw materials carefully so as to create a naturally dense product. Due Vittorie regards to nature and its harvests and preserves the old production processes and a passion for the emblematic flavours of Emilia. With importance for traditional and high-quality ingredients, Due Vittorie Balsamic Glaze has been awarded the highly desired IGP (PGI) certificate.

Balsamic Glaze by Due Vittorie is a true Italian product for your kitchen created in the province of Modena, Italy. It is made from premium balsamic vinegar and all-natural ingredients. Being gluten-free along with the uniquely sweet and tart flavour of the Balsamic Glaze makes it a brilliant compliment for chicken, fish and for roasted vegetables and fresh fruits.


This delightfully dense and creamy version of balsamic vinegar is fragrant, bittersweet, and gluten-free. Having a uniquely sweetened and sharp flavor, the balsamic glaze is the impeccable final touch to uplift all dishes, starting from entrees to desserts. The consistency of balsamic reduction glaze being syrupier makes it ideal to use as a garnish, for creating beautifully designed plates, or as a brilliant compliment to beef, chicken, fish, roasted vegetables, cheeses, and fresh fruit.


Due Vittorie’s Balsamic Vinegar Glaze regards the authentic quality balsamic vinegar, complementing the consistency of a cream. It is for the ones who enjoy the taste of balsamic vinegar in a dense version. Made from reducing the balsamic vinegar, Balsamic Glaze is a concentrated sauce, having a heavier consistency than vinegar. Due Vittorie Balsamic Glaze is produced in Modena from their high-quality balsamic vinegar. It is slowly reduced to create a well-proportioned, condensed brown and creamy glazed balsamic vinegar sauce that can augment any meal.


Top your regular dishes with Balsamic glaze to enhance the flavor. It goes exceptionally well with veggies, fruits, cheese, ice cream, pizza, bruschetta.
  • Before serving, dribble a little over your food. It is ideal for appetizers, main dishes and desserts.

  • Give an aesthetic appeal by creating beautiful designs on your dishes.

  • For a surprising flavour, add a few drops before placing meats.

Balsamic Glaze can be regarded as the best Italian garnish. It is a thick balsamic sauce filled in a convenient squeeze bottle that is ready to use as a garnish, for entrees, and to create eye-catching plate designs.

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Source: Due Vittorie

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