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Chicory: Why It’s Good For You

Chicory and radicchio are both members of the same family. It has a strong bitter flavour and is particularly high in helpful compounds that work on multiple levels. Here are a few reasons why we should include it in our diet!

Satiates Hunger:

Chicory is a fantastic friend for a balanced diet, whether cooked or raw. It is high in fibre and lowers sugar absorption, reducing glycemic swings, which cause hunger pangs. It also contains inulin, a prebiotic fibre that helps to balance the gut flora, which is important in the synthesis of hunger-controlling hormones like serotonin.

Good for the Heart and Bones:

Chicory also has antioxidant characteristics that benefit our bodies. It contains phytosterols, which help to raise 'good' cholesterol levels (HDL). It's also high in calcium and vitamin K, both of which are beneficial to our bones.

Fights Aging:

Chicory is a natural supplement that aids in the prevention of ageing signs. It contains a number of antioxidants that help to prevent free radical damage and slow the ageing of cells and tissues. It's especially high in retinol, a potent anti-aging ingredient that hydrates the skin from the inside out. It also contains vitamin C, which helps the skin, hair, muscles, and blood vessels produce collagen, a protein found in the skin, hair, muscles, and blood vessels.


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