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Celebrating World Pasta Day

Pasta is among the world's most favourite foods! Pasta is the perfect excuse to ditch the low-carb diet today. Spaghetti, penne, lasagna, fettucini, tagliatelle - there are over 600 known pasta shapes. It's delightful, it's nutritious, it's handy. It can be enjoyed as a side dish, or even as a main course.

A celebration of a great significance – World Pasta Day is marked on the 25th of October. This year was the twenty-second edition of the World Pasta Day festivities were one of the finest Italian and international chefs who came to pay tribute to the exclusivity of true Italian pasta.

We should thank those 40 pasta producers from around the world who initiated World Pasta Day as they assembled to host the globe’s first World Pasta Congress in Rome in 1995. After three years, in 1998, World Pasta Day was born, a world pasta festival which, of course, was hurled from Naples. Today organised by the International Pasta Organization, there are many reasons to pay tribute to the day that promotes pasta consumption and raises awareness about the benefits of one of the simplest, yet wonderful and versatile foods in the world.

Pasta, which people have been eating past since at least 5,000 B.C., is inexpensive, easy to cook, makes you feel fuller for longer, and can reside in your cupboard for ages. And, the low-fat carb choice can be virtuous for your health in several ways, together with keeping your blood sugar in check, helping you lose weight and may even play a role in preventing cancer, according to a study.

Why is it celebrated?

The worldwide celebration was considered by pasta manufacturers to promote its consumption globally. This celebration intends to tell the story of pasta and share it through its various forms and recipes. Known and cherished all over the world, pasta is an essential part of the treasured gastronomic Italian tradition and positions as a representation of eating well. There are a million reasons for us to drown ourselves in a bowl of satisfying and comforting Italian staple today – Pasta.

Although many of us have a tendency to avoid gorging on carbohydrates, they are vital in serving athletes and serious sports lovers perform better. Pasta, found in literally every culture across the globe, is a wholesome and sustainable universal favourite that is packed full of carbs which help delay fatigue. Being so rich in carbohydrates, foods like pasta lets athletes and any driven sportsperson to compete at higher levels for longer.

How to celebrate World Pasta Day?

  • Compete with your friends or family members to see who can name the maximum varieties of pasta.

  • Hold a virtual or in-person pasta cooking competition with fellow foodies

  • Wear the chef’s thinking cap on and create your own pasta dish 

  • Visit your favourite Italian restaurant and order a pasta dish you’ve never had before

  • Share your pasta on social media with hashtags


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