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Bringing you high-quality True Italian Coffee from Caffè Trucillo

Trucillo every year aims to offer a quality product, creating blends that can please the different expectations and satisfy the consumers’ needs. A shared goal the whole Trucillo team aims at with passion and determination, taking care of each and every aspect from the production to the trading, from the bean to the cup, sharing with their partners the pride to offer together all the pleasure held into a cup of espresso coffee. They dedicate the same care and attention to the international market, aware and proud to represent and spread the "Made in Italy"

Here is a list of some selected coffees from Caffe Trucillo:

Gran Bar in beans

Trucillo's Gran bar is a scientific blend chosen to deliver a creamy espresso with a smooth taste. The aromatic richness, dense and well-rounded taste of this blend are given by the perfumes of carefully selected Arabica coffee beans combined with the intense chocolate taste and full-bodied Robusta.

Love for a good cup of coffee. Respect for the environment. Respect for life.

Gran Moka in beans

Careful selection of top-quality beans which are whole and completely ripe. The silkiness of the beans and the smoothness of the lightest possible velvety cream are unique to espresso. The aroma is created in such a manner that it will linger on the palate until the final drop is imbibed.

Decaffeinated Coffee in beans

These beans certified by the Italian National Espresso Institute, are a blend of naturally decaffeinated Arabica and Robusta with caffeine content not exceeding 10%. This decaf blend is defined by its smooth taste and rich aroma. The beans are roasted in Salerno, Imported from Italy. The strength of the coffee is 3 out of 5.

Bar - Ground coffee

Blend of precious and refined qualities of Arabica and Robusta. The perfumed Arabica coffee combined with the full-bodied taste of chocolaty Robusta gives a fine aroma and a soft, velvety pleasure. Its taste is rich, lively and balanced.

As good as at the Bar.

Moka - Ground coffee

Blend of selected Arabica mixed with determined and full-bodied Robusta. Its aroma is penetrating and defined, exalted by the fullness and roundness of its body. A vigorous coffee, with a determined taste and an overwhelming cream.

Strong, pleasant, traditional.

Which one are you going to get for yourself?

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Source: Trucillo

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