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Barilla Foundation announces new strategy to create more sustainable & equitable global food system

Leading up to World Environment Day (June 5), Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition Foundation (BCFN- an independent foundation that works on solving issues around global food systems) presents an actionable strategy to create a more equitable, sustainable global food system that tackles the global health and environmental crisis with its “ Post Covid-19 – The Time to Fix Global Food Systems is Now: 10 Actions to Reset the System from Farm to Fork

Danielle Nierenberg, Founder and President of Food Tank, BCFN Advisory Board member, explained “Our food choices matter-for soil, for biodiversity, for health! True cost accounting helps us understand the real impact of food production and consumption.”

BCFN’s Advisory Board which has leaders in medicine, public health, sustainability, finance, city planning, and international development came up with the strategy.

The 10-point actionable strategy calls on governments, businesses, academia and civil society to come together to tackle the broken global food system and proposes the following 10 actions:

1.Create better standards and terminology

2.Improve measurement

3. Encourage businesses to focus on health and sustainability

4.Digitize food and agriculture information

5. Identify the true cost of food

6.Improve seed security, diversity, and soil regeneration

7.Mobilize all actors

8.Increase awareness and education

9.Enable healthy and sustainable diets and empower eaters

10.Build global resiliency

Credits: Businesswire

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