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72 % of Indians prefer online learning

Velocity MR, a leading Market research and analysis company, recently conducted a pan India study to understand the preference of e-learning/online mode learning over the traditional classroom. The national survey was conducted in prominent cities of the country. The study reveals that online/e-learning is the most preferred way of training among learners. Respondents prefer online courses due to its nature of flexibility, good and convenient learning atmosphere that provides easy learning and understanding to the learners. The predominant advantage of e-learning is the flexibility to learn anywhere and anytime with cost-effective courses. The study also saw that online/e-learning is not only beneficial to the learners but also to the teachers. This mode of teaching saves time, provides flexibility to teach from anywhere while also allowing teachers to assist the learners directly.

Jasal Shah, Managing Director & CEO of Velocity MR, adds, ‘With the increase in internet penetration, e-learning is highly preferred among people. Our survey shows that the age range of 25 to 45 years prefers online learning. Among 94% of people who opt for online learning are the working professionals working in industries like IT/computers/Technology. It is also interesting to learn that one-fourth of the learners still prefer traditional classroom training. This significant undersized population feels that student and teacher face-to-face interaction helps understand the subject more easily.”

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Albert Dexter
Albert Dexter
Sep 25, 2023

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