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3 Recipes to Strengthen the Immune System

It is possible to prevent seasonal illnesses by boosting the immune system and attempting to stop influenza viruses at the table. Simply load up on vitamin C, flavonoids, and other helpful compounds for our health, which are found in numerous foods that may be combined in different ways. Here are three simple recipes for immune system support that you may make at home.

Tomato and Turmeric Soup

Finely chop an onion, which is recognised for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial qualities, and sweat it with a garlic clove and extra virgin olive oil in a pot. Remove the garlic once the onion has turned transparent, then add half a kilo of tomatoes, sliced in half, and four tablespoons of turmeric powder. Combine all of the ingredients in a blender and add a splash of apple vinegar to taste. Cook until the tomatoes are soft, then add the tomato puree and a couple of ladles of vegetable stock. Finally, season with salt and pepper, add a basil leaf cut into little pieces with your hands, and top with toasted linseed, sliced almonds, and bread croutons.

Chicory and Broccoli Soup

To begin, make a litre of vegetable broth with a carrot, celery stalk, potato, and two tiny onions. Meanwhile, clean and boil a kilo of chicory in salted water, then chop the tops and remove the core and leaves off a medium-sized broccoli. It's crucial to boil the chicory and broccoli separately so that their qualities are preserved. Another onion should be cut and sweated in a pan with oil and sliced ginger over low heat. When the chicory is done, combine it with the onion in a pan with two ladles of vegetable broth. Add the broccoli stems and simmer until everything is tender, adding extra broth as needed. Finally, ladle the soup into soup plates and serve with toasted bread and a drizzle of olive oil, if desired.

Scallops with Orange and Avocado Sauce

First, remove the corals from six scallops, which are high in potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus, and slice the nut half. Then, between two sheets of baking paper, lightly beat them and season them with lemon juice and salt. Peel a ripe avocado and crush it with lemon juice, salt, pepper, a tuft of chopped parsley, oil, and three slices of shallot after the scallops have marinated in the fridge for two hours. Only the marinated scallops, a few slices of red radicchio (which provides the necessary fibres to manage intestinal balance), and a sliced orange remain to complete the dish.


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