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On the occasion of the XVII Meeting of Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad's Secretary Generals, 22 Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad have joined the IICCI as Ambassadors of the Make it Sustainable (MIS) Community, an international network of professionals and organizations promoting and disseminating sustainability principles . The engagement of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad represents an important step towards positioning Italian products, manufacturing processes and professional expertise in the international markets leveraging on their sustainable and green features.

The Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) – a leading supporter of the sustainable development - acts as an Ambassador of Make it Sustainable (MIS).

MIS is now a Community, view the brochure here!

The MIS certificate has been developed by ICMQ, a third party independent body that attests the quality of the products and their conformity with requirements established from international standards and laws. The MIS has been developed in compliance with international certification schemes such as En Iso 26000, En Iso 9004, En Iso 14004, En Iso 14040 (LCA) e Gri - Global Reporting initiative.
IICCI has always been concerned with the short, medium and long-term impact of collective actions on social index such as social relations, quality of life and productivity. IICCI believes that nowadays the development should combine citizens’ needs with territorial requirements, accounting for the future consequences of actions on economic, social and environmental levels. With this in mind, IICCI has become a leading promoter of the MIS initiative, as we believe that sustainability is no longer an option but the only way to face global challenges.

Overall, MIS works as a positive marketing strategy for the following reasons:

 ·         It values the investments done by a specific company in conformity with the principle of sustainability;
·         It expresses the company’s commitment to respect sustainability in providing specific services, enhancing also the organisation’s credibility as a whole;
·         Supports the undertaking of contracts verified by sustainable certificates
·         Reinforces market and consumers’ confidence.
In 2013, the LEGEM concept obtained the Make it Sustainable (MIS) certificate, thanks to its approaches and processes that are consistent with sustainability and standard principles, as well as international recognized models.

Click here to see MIS certificate.
LEGEM reflects our vision: in order to improve the quality of life, we need to have a more comprehensive approach that combines different strategies aimed at satisfying collective needs without compromising our core principles. 

The IICCI has been interwied by ICMQ on its action as Sustainability Ambassador: Click here to read the interview (page No. 8)

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