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Indo - Italian UCIMU Project in the Aerospace Sector

We are glad to inform you that the Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) and UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE (UCIMU) the Italian Machine Tools, Robots and Automation Manufacturers’ Association was working on the Indo-Italian project to bridge the gap between the two countries in respect of the machine tools and technologies demand and utility of technology that could be mutually beneficial in the field of Aerospace and Aeronautics.


This project aimed at connecting the Italian technology offers with Indian demands.

Aeropace Sector Project for UCIMU Members with focus on Machine Tools

31st Jan to 2nd Feb 2017, Bangalore

The Indo Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI) and UCIMU SISTEMI PER PRODURRE (the Italian machine tools, robots, automation systems and ancillary products manufacturers association) hosted the event focused on Aerospace Sector Machine Tools from 31st January to 2nd of February 2017 in Bangalore. Seven Italian companies Breton SpA, CMS SpA; Losma SpA, Mandelli Sistemi SpA, Pama SpA, Pietro Carnaghi SpA and Tacchi Giacomo e Figli SpA participated in the project who all are members of UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE. The event was organized concurrent with the IMTEX 2017 fair in order to provide Indian market’s complete overview to Italian companies with a focus on its technology demand. Event lasted for 3 days. The entire project was done in a phased manner which involved Need Assessment Survey, Presentation on outcome of survey results, Match Making and Visit of Italian companies in India.

The round table on “Italian Machine Tools and Technologies for the Indian Aerospace Industry” took place in the morning time of 31st January at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre’s Conference Room. The session was attended by total 38 delegates that included professionals from Indian Aerospace industry, Karnataka state government official, representatives of Italian companies and Italian machine tool association etc. Italian participants have had the opportunity to meet the potential Indian aerospace companies, interact with relevant experts and share their own experiences in the aerospace sector. The interactive session was followed by B2B meetings where Indian Aerospace companies discussed with Italian companies about their interest and technological requirements. The project also involved Italian companies’ plant visit to Indian Aerospace companies in Bangalore region on one of the days which was really fruitful for Italian companies and Indian companies to understand each other, discuss requirements and establish business relationships. 

The Italian Machine Tool companies who are part of this project and a glimpse of the technologies provided by them for Aerospace field is mentioned in the below table:

Company Name

Technologies offered for Aerospace sector


Breton s.p.a

Eagle: 5-Axes High speed vertical machining centre for milling, trimming, routing & drilling of aeronautical and general components. Range of materials: Aluminium, composites and resins.

Matrix: 5-Axes High speed vertical machining centre for aeronautical components and moulds. Range of materials: steel, aluminium and composites.


CMS s.p.a.

Industrial processes where CMS machines are used includes cutting, drilling, milling parts of civil and military aircraft, helicopters, drones, rockets, satellites. Parts processed are wings, empennages, fuselage sections, nose cones, doors, flooring, interior bulkheads, other structural parts, engine inlets, nacelles, thrust reversers, turbine engine blades, radomes, interiors, seats. Processed materials: aluminum, composites, core materials, titanium



Losma produces mist collectors and coolant filtration systems for machine tools. In Indian aerospace sector some of their customers are Servo Control Aerospace India Pvt. Ltd. – Belgaum, Sansera Engineering -  Bangalore, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), A'bad etc


Mandelli Sistemi s.p.a.

Mandelli's aerospace application includes processing parts like landing gear components, civil & military aircraft engine parts, structural parts etc. Mandelli has installed more than 40 MCs at the major aerospace players in People's Republic of China


PAMA s.p.a.

PAMA’s machining center using a proprietary technology solution, performs the finishing operations on the landing gear, slot milling of nozzles, Engine parts, Structural Ti etc.


Pietro Carnaghi S.p.A.

Latest Direct Drive technology on the lathe table drives has been applied, on all different size of component, considering also the biggest engines, like the GE GENx and the RR XWB. Both engines are mostly machined on Pietro Carnaghi machine.

Tacchi Giancomo E Figli s.p.a.


Aerospace industry is one of the most important end market for Tacchi Giancomo's production and specifically the typical components processed with Tacchi machines are Engine propeller shafts,  Helicopter transmission shafts, Landing gears, Thin-layer composite materials etc.

 Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to know more details about any of the above mentioned Italian company’s offerings or if you have any machinery requirement.

For further information please get in touch with Nilesh Joshi at mailto: or call +91 22 6772 8186

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