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Machine Tools

Over the past years, the machine tools sector has been going through a development never seen before; today, India is the 17th producer and 12th consumer in the world.

Today, around 750-800 companies in India produce machines and their components, parts, accessories and subsystems. Cutting machines represent approximately 80% of this production.

Around 50% of the total output of the machine tools sector originates from the Bangalore region.


The annual consumption of machine tools in India has increased from 150 million € in 1999 to 1 billion € in 2009, reaching a peak of 1,291 million € in 2007-2008. The total production of machines by Indian companies between 2009 and 2010 has been of 275.3 million €, against an internal consumption of over 1,068 million €. Hence the import of machine tools has been equal to 807 million €, of which 10% was straight from Italy.

The major sectors of application for machine tools in India are:

  • Automobiles (both OEM and producers of car components);
  • Electricity generators and rotating machines (turbines/generators/engines);
  • Trains for heavy transportation;
  • Durable consumer products;
  • General and industrial machinery;
  • Defense and aerospace.

Why should you do business in this sector?

  • Constant growth in demand for machine tools: the predicted demand for machine tools by the above-mentioned sectors will grow at an annual rate of 10-15%;
  • The approximate aggregate demand for machine tools for the next five years is around 8.3 billion €.

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