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The vastly dynamic nature of the Indian economy and the strong increase in the purchasing power of its population let India become one of the countries most interested in “Made in Italy” products. However, the presence of Italian brands and products, especially in the furniture and accessories sector is very limited and essentially still a niche.

In the past few years, several sector delegations from Italy have one after the other, ventured into India and there are many companies that take part in fairs and exhibitions that, more and more frequently, are being organized annually. For more information about the Indo-Italian furniture & materials industry please click here 

These actions have brought about tangible results: imports from Italy moved from the € 7.2 million in 2005 to € 16.5 million in 2010, making the country the first commercial European partner in the sector.

However, the margins of growth seems to be still wide but has not been completely capitalized on by the Italian companies.

The origin of such a delay seems to be due to a substantial cultural gap between the two countries. On one hand the Italian companies struggle to understand the Indian consumers’ behaviour and the factors that influence their choices; and on the other hand, Indian companies and Institutions are not so much aware of the economic implications that qualitative state of the art technical solutions could have.


In order to bridge this gap and to support Italian SMEs of furniture and fittings sector in developing a sustainable and long-lasting approach to the indian furniture market, the Indo-Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IICCI), launched the Furniture & Design  Special Project.

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