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In India there is a huge interest for developing Smart Sustainable Cities. To tackle the problems of megacities several States of India are looking after Italy and its urbanization pattern based on small scale cities, comfortable, sustainable and liveable with all the relevant services (Hospitals, Schools, etc.) and an industrial district nearby the urban area to minimize the need of mobility.

Smart Cities Mission by the Government of India is a program aiming to drive economic growth and improve the quality of life of people by enabling local development and harnessing technology as a means to create smart outcomes for citizens. The scope is to develop 100 cities across the country making them citizen friendly and sustainable.

In 2010 the IICCI established the IICIB (Indo Italian Club for Infrastructure and Building).

In 2011-2013 our Chamber coordinated the LEGEM project aiming to realize in India a “human centric, sustainable and smart cities”.

The project outlined the guidelines for realizing a small scale city from scratch by involving the best Italian companies in different sectors.

LEGEM was presented to Indian authorities and created a good interest.

Since 2013 the IICCI has been involving and promoting Italian companies and universities with specific solutions for the smart cities by organizing events, seminars and special projects.

After 7 years of experience we gained the awareness that the promotion of Italian companies providing solutions in the different verticals of smart cities by the mean of conventional methods (fairs, exhibition, B2B, etc) is important but not at all sufficient. Several Italian companies have been approaching the Indian market individually, only a few of the have been successful. A systematic approach is strictly required.

Now the scenario is keep on changing. In the last two years our Chamber has been interacting with many State Governments and Authorities. In these meetings an important awareness is gained:there is a concrete interest for an Indo-Italian smart city project provided certain conditions met.

The pillars of the strategy proposed by the IICCI are:

1)    Concentrating the resources in one flag ship project to be launched in cooperation with a State Government and the support of Italian institutions;

2)    Presenting an organized group of partners.

Italian companies have a huge potential in all sectors and verticals of Smart Sustainable Cities: urban planning, engineering, innovative construction systems, green building materials, energy, water/waste management technologies, mobility, smart technologies.

The challenge of presenting an effective proposal for a smart city project requires:

a)      Companies and Academies(to provide with enabling technologies in different verticals)

b)      Project Management Consulting(to plan and lead the implementation process)

c)       Investors(to co-fund specific projects within an overall plan)

d)      SMEs (to set up a small Italian district in India)

This is the reason why the IICCI is promoting “Italy4cities”.


“Italy4cities” Smart Sustainable City competence center aims to organize and promote the Italian companies and universities interested to realize a Smart Sustainable City project in India.

Why joining “Italy4cities”: benefits

“Italy4cities”, Smart Sustainable City competence centre provides organizations with the following benefits:

-          Multiplying the opportunities of presentation

-          Accrediting the idea of a “Sistema Italia” offer

-          Sharing promotional costs

-          Supporting the company presentation with multimedia tools (video,etc)

            Promoting the offer system under the umbrella of Italian institutions

-          Increasing the visibility of each company 365 days per year and PAN    India

-          Opportunity of presenting know how, products and solutions in India in events organized by the IICCI

-          Increasing the number of introductions to State Government authorities supported by the IICCI

and, above all:

-          Getting an option to be involve by the IICCI in an Indo Italian Smart City project (in the event of negotiation with State Government bodies)

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